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this is ME

      My journey with art came from, and continues to grow from, a need to create a tangible expression of my internal mind and emotions. I work with paint in an intuitive and fluid process, which allows me to be fully in the moment and connected to each mark I make on the canvas.  Working with oil paint gives me the time I need to work with my colors and sculpt and move the paint until I feel it is speaking to me and thru me.  I paint until I "love" each piece. Then I know its done and ready to share.

      The road to being public with my art has taken quite a few years. Slowly building confidence and my own style. A lot of hard critical self analysis on both technical application and content, has finally let me show my body of work to the world.  In 2021, I held my art out for my first public show, at the Edmonton Whyte Ave Artwalk.  This was a turning point for me.  My art was very well received and I received good feedback and encouragement to continue creating and trusting myself.  

     Now a few years later, I have learned to be bold and unapologetically real in the way I create.  I continue to work and develop my particular style of Contemporary Modern Paintings.  My clients have been invaluable as both encouragement and also the financial support I need to keep doing what I love. 

I hope you find my works emotionally moving and visually captivating, but mostly I hope they make you smile. 




Local Deliver and Pick up is Available within the Greater Edmonton Area.