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Milestones & Accomplishments

Artist Bio

Jael is an Alberta Abstract Artist, currently residing in Edmonton.  She primarily works in oil paint on canvas as her medium.  Having experimented with Acrylics for a bit, she has landed on the texture and pliability of oil paint, mostly using palette knives and brushes and sometimes fingers, to achieve a variety of final effects and textures. Having a long history in creative expression, Jael has been formally trained as a graphic designer, which enables her to envision in things spatially and in proportion.  She has also completed the New York Interior Design course, which has developed the ability to see things dimensionally and to be able to visualize balance and harmony in a space.  This has been extremely important in planning and developing layers and colors in my Abstract Works. The passion to paint, emerged from “paint therapy” as a means of self-expression that was more electronically disconnected from computers and more hands on.  This passion and emotional expression has been a consistent theme in her works, both in the intuitive nature of her process and in the titles she selects.  Using color theory and play on shapes and textures to evoke an emotion or to express an emotion.  Some of the artists that have been influential to Jael are: Claire Desjardins another Canadian Abstract Artist who uses bright vivid color palettes, Helen Frankenthaler and Hans Hofmann in their minimalistic from and shapes, and more recently the works of Jason Hackenwerth for his playful process of free flowing movement and application.  Jael has been internationally published in ArtistTalk Magazine, both the January and April editions 2022 as well as being represented on a digital art display in New York Times Square June of 2022.  Jael is passionate about challenging herself both in the expression of making art and in developing her business in a way that prompts an emotional bond with her work, that resonates within the viewer.  


Instagram @jaelroznicki_art



Exhibition and Publication History

Artvancouver, Vancouver BC, Canada, Invited Exhibitionist

The Other Art Fair Dallas October 2022 – invited exhibitionist

Strathern Art Walk, Edmonton, Alberta 2022

Digital Art Exhibit New York Broadway Plaza - Times Square June 2022.

ArtistTalk Magazine April 2022 published edition 19 “celebration” page 41; “Act of Courage” from the          Enough Series

RAW Artist Exhibit February 2022

ArtistTalk Magazine January 2022 published edition 18 page 108; “Life Lesson’s” from the Audacity Series 2020.

Edmonton Artwalk June 2021, 2022



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